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One Tree Planted is a 501c3 non-profit focused on global reforestation. We started in 2014 to make it easier for people to make a difference. One dollar = one tree!

We work with amazing reforestation partners around the world who need financial support to get more trees in the ground. We plant trees across North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia, in areas that have been devastated by natural disasters, damaged by insects and diseases, or over-exploited for commercial gain.

Read more about our tree-planting projects here.

If you've landed on this page because YOU want to make even more of a difference, thank you! We wouldn't exist without the support of awesome, passionate people like you.

Here you can create your own Forest Fundraiser page to share with family and friends. Maybe you want to dedicate your birthday to a reforestation project in need, or perhaps you're challenging yourself to raise money for a good cause. However you choose to do it, we are so happy that you have decided to protect and restore the world's forests.

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