Bees and Thank You is Planting Trees

Grilled Cheese to Save the Trees

Help us to reforest our planet...

Bees and Thank You is an environmental conservation organization started in Boston, MA whose mission is to promote honeybee sanctuary development and reforestation. Currently, we travel around to different music festivals and community events in the United States to sell gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches made with honey from local farmers and beekeepers. We are constantly raising awareness about bee conservation as well as the impact of deforestation. This process is made easier because all of our team members are nature lovers and have a passion for the outdoors.

Bees and Thank You is an environmentally conscious organization and we strive to include sustainable practices at our food stand and in the fulfillment of our mission. In fact, we only use eco-friendly paper products such as compostable food containers, recycled paper and plastic goods and water-based ink for our flyers and business cards.

One way in which our organization is giving back to the environment is by partnering with OneTreePlanted to help them achieve their goal of planting 1 million trees. We have agreed to donate $1 for every 100 grilled cheeses we sell to reforest our planet . Help us to reach our personal goal of planting 500 trees in 2017.

The accumulated donations will be processed quarterly and will fund various reforestation projects around the world. Every $1 donated helps to plant 1 tree.

Although every purchase from our grilled cheese stand contributes to this project, we invite you to donate directly through this fundraiser to help conserve our forests and combat deforestation.
We will share project updates and photos from the field on how you made an impact.

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