Help US Plant A Forest! /|\ ^[!]^

One Dollar Plants One Tree

Help us plant a forest! /|\ ^[!]^

You CAN make a difference. Will you take that challenge?

This project means a lot to me and I am dedicating my time and efforts to help "plant a forest". With enough small donations from people who are listening to serious need for reforestation and wanting to make a difference, this goal is achievable.

This is a direct call to, "Be The Change...".

Forests are carbon guzzling machines.

Forests are remarkably efficient at capturing and storing carbon. The amount any given tree is able to sequester differs depending on size, maturity, location, and species, but the average mature tree is capable of capturing around 48 lbs of CO2 per year.

With trees able to take in that much carbon, forests play an outsized role in mitigating climate change. For example, US forests alone sequester 10 – 20% of the country’s carbon emissions each year. On a global scale, the conservation, restoration, and proper management of just the tropical forests could provide 23% of the affordable mitigation required to limit global warming to 2°C.

Figuring at a relatively high rate of carbon capture, an average acre of forest could potentially store 13.5 tonnes of carbon each year. At that rate, more than 2.7 billion acres of forest would be required to sequester 2018’s record high level of 37.1 billion tonnes of global emissions.

One Tree Planted is a non-profit focused on global reforestation. They work with amazing partners around the world who need financial support to get more trees in the ground.

Help plant trees across North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia, in areas that have been devastated by natural disasters, damaged by insects and diseases, or over-exploited for commercial gain. You even have the option to choose where you want your trees planted!

So, we ask you, will you help us on this mission?

Every $ dollar donated plants one tree! | **$1 = 1 Tree!**

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    Jamie Wareham

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