One dollar plants one tree

We are a team of students that are trying to save the world.
Our planet is dying and we want to prevent that from happening.

Animals are dying, species are becoming extinct, we cut down trees, pollute the air, water, and ground. There are people without food or water because others are wasting it. There are people with no money and the rich “don’t know what to do with their money”. Our system is failing and everyone knows it. Still though, almost everyone is driving their cars, polluting the air, ocean and ground we live on, and most people don’t even care about the others who can’t afford basic needs. Too many people think money is more important than the earth we live on and the animals we see and the air we breathe and the people who are starving to death!

The world is dying and we know it... There are too many people just watching it happen instead of doing something about it. You can make a change, everyone can!
Let’s all work together so we can save our planet!

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    Feyo Vereecken donated $300.
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    Feyo Vereecken

    Donated $300