Accelerating Scientific Innovation

At Knowinnovation, we work with scientists on some of the most interesting and challenging problems in research. We do our work by designing and facilitating innovation workshops. Naturally, there's a lot of people flying in, and we utilize materials, energy, and other resources. Nothing intense, but we still want to be a sustainable company.

We donate to One Tree Planted every time we run a project and we invite our workshop participants to join us. This helps recapture carbon emitted from flying, reforests areas that have had massive tree loss, rebuilds damaged ecosystems, and even helps create a few jobs.

For $1 per tree, won't you join us too?

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    Ilse Ipsen donated $20.
    favorite 4 months ago
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    Andrew Burnett donated $1,500.
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  • 572baa9ec3a3638c73a02ff93c5bad34.png?s=240& avatar

    Ilse Ipsen

    Donated $20
  • 7e041974480115c7cd6dac082c3d21ca.png?s=240& avatar

    Andrew Burnett

    Donated $1,500
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    Joyce Chen

    Donated $10.61