Woodland Origins


Over at Woodland Origins we love a walk in the woods.

But for how long will all of us still be able to do so?

Global deforestation is taking such a toll on our planet that there is no more time to lose. We strive to play an active part in repairing the world's forests and that's why we teamed up with One Tree Planted.

Woodland Origins is an online store selling awesome, handcrafted and sustainable fashion accessories. Our mission is to make the world green again by actively contributing to reforestation projects. So for every order placed in our store we donate a tree. Therefore our costumers can buy sustainable items and actively help reforest the planet at the same time, pretty cool we think.

Join us in our mission to reforest the planet!
Because for as little as a dollar you can donate one tree to the cause.

We believe that together we CAN make a change.

And even though one tree may seem small or insignificant at first, remember how big a tree can become.

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    Bowen de Vries donated $10.61.
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    Bowen de Vries

    Donated $10.61