Trees for LIFE

PLANT 1 TREE - One small contribution for YOU, one valuable contribution for EARTH

Are you also concerned with how the weather is currently acting and do you feel a need to act NOW on climate change?

I want my daughter to grow up in a world where extreme weather conditions don’t put limits to her existence. I want her future to be without wars due to lack of resources or migration issues because of climate change. I want her to be able to enjoy nature as I do and not to be worried whether the global food resources are sufficient. I don´t want her to be the victim of our IRRESPONSIBLE way of living, therefore I want to ACT NOW.

The time to act is now and we all need to take on our responsibility as global citizens if we want reverse the current state of the earth. One of the keys to help our planet regain its balance is the simple act of planting trees. So whom ever reads this and shares my concerns about our common future, please help me raise a 1000$ to plant a 1000 trees. For only 1$ you can plant one tree! Even such a small donation has a great impact!

Stand up for the future of our children and be the change you want to see in the world!

The money will go to the project in Kenya: